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Floors For Thought: Mediterranean Blues

Keep your holiday memories alive with cool and contemporary blue hues, reminiscent of Mediterranean interior schemes.

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28th Jun 16

blue lvt floor tiles with mediterranean accessories

A guaranteed way to bring the tranquillity of the outdoors in, it’s easy to recreate the look in your home with our Neisha Crosland Parquet tile in Sky Blue as the fresh and uplifting design will add a hint of Greek style to any space.

The unique flooring works beautifully as a standalone floor, or combine it with our Little Bricks collection in Bay Blue or Forget-Me-Not to create an on-trend and creative space. Complement bold shades of blue with ochre and mustard yellow accents and natural wooden accessories; alternatively, try adding a wood-effect border to your flooring for a truly bespoke and organic style.

Complete the look with classic blue and white pottery and tableware for a beautiful yet versatile interior décor scheme.

parquet sky blue lvt floor tile