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Floors for thought – tidy home, tidy mind!

Get organised this month with super cool stationery and stylish storage suggestions – the perfect complement to our brand new and exclusive Check flooring collection from iconic textile designer, Neisha Crosland.

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07th Mar 17

check slate lvt flooring with bathroom

Available now in six colourways – Flint, Slate, Graphite, Camomile and new Shadow and Blue. If (like us) you’re struggling to keep your New Year’s resolutions, we’ve decided that now spring has arrived March is the month to start afresh and embrace the concept of ‘Tidy Home, Tidy Mind!’

From fresh green succulents to modern-day desk and man-drawer essentials (hello iPhone!), we’ve styled the new Neisha Crosland Check Slate vinyl tile with a selection of organisational must-haves to help you get back on track!
Plus even if you’re not a stationery addict, we’re sure you’ll agree they look pretty good together…