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Four ways to bring navy blue into your home interior

Blue is the hue that keeps on giving. It provided a welcome colour interval in the midst of the uni-tonal grey palette and was also grown-up enough that we felt confident using it in our homes. From shades of petrol and navy, to ‘almost black’ midnight blues, this colour family is a truly versatile option for creating a modern yet welcoming scheme in the home. We love the colour so much that we decided to introduce an Oxford Blue finish to our latest designer flooring collection, Dovetail. Read on to see how you can incorporate the trend into your interiors for maximum effect.

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12th Oct 18

navy blue patterned lvt flooring in bathroom

Kitchen cabinetry

Dark painted kitchen cabinetry is everywhere at the moment. Understandably, homeowners are cautious about making bold colour choices when it comes to big-ticket items such as kitchens and bathrooms; with ever-changing trends and practicality at the forefront of many buying decisions, it seems sensible to “settle” for muted tones that transition through the years. However, this stunning kitchen featuring Dovetail Oxford Blue proves that you can create a timeless look using blue as the primary colour in your cabinetry scheme. Teamed with classic shaker door fronts, accents of rustic wood and crisp white surfaces, this seemingly bold shade becomes instantly relaxed, blending seamlessly into its surroundings without overpowering the space.

dark blue patterned lvt floor in colour drench kitchen


Walls are the perfect canvas for showcasing blue in its best light. Not only a quick-and-easy update, but paint can also dramatically change the aesthetics of a room. We really like the idea of painting your doors, architraves and skirting in the same colour. This look can serve to make rooms seem bigger and ceilings higher, but ensure that the flooring is enough of a contrast to the walls so that you don’t lose the structure of your scheme. Why not try our block colour vinyl tiles in Latte White or for a real statement, the large-scale patterns of our Neisha Crosland Dovetail range?

bright blue geometric patterned floor in modern bathroom


A key consideration for any interior space, flooring provides a horizontal canvas that ties the rest of the room’s scheme together. Not only must it be durable and hardwearing, especially for those high-footfall areas such as kitchens and hallways, it needs to appeal visually AND cater to changing trends. Blue flooring is a great colour choice for both functional and entertaining spaces. Our new Dovetail luxury vinyl tile comes in a rich Oxford Blue colour, which has been specifically curated by designer, Neisha Crosland to work with a breadth of design schemes. The contrast between the blue background and the white diamond pattern makes a real impact.

navy lvt floor tiles for modern kitchens