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Simon’s fun-filled multi coloured kitchen

Back in Christmas 2013, we launched a kitchen flooring competition for all our lovely fans. It was a humourous heart-warming affair and extremely close! But in the end, the entry with the most thumbs up from our team was Simons’.

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08th Jun 14

parquet turqouise lvt flooring

Simon had completely gutted his kitchen and began its renovation with some groovy turquoise coloured retro kitchen units. A matching Turquoise Neisha Crosland floor was the dream for Simon’s family and we can now see why; the results are fantastic!

We had a fantastic time visiting Simon’s wonderful family home in Eastbourne. The colourful styles used throughout the house are just fabulous. In fact, the kitchen and house are so gorgeous, they feature as a ‘kitchen special’ in Style at Home magazine’s September issue!

turquoise patterned lvt flooring in colourful kitchen