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Heritage encaustic design – our trend predictions for 2021

A chic patterned floor has long been a classic design feature but is now a trend at the forefront of modern interior design which looks set to stay. We’ve been really excited to introduce two brand new collections this year - Northmore & Pattern by Dee Hardwicke, which have been hugely inspired by mid-19th-century encaustic floor tiles. Featuring unique decorative patterns, heritage colour pigments and authentic patina, we’ve found that our customers are looking for a traditional aesthetic, but with all the benefits of floor tiles that stand up to the demands of modern home life.

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25th Nov 20

slate grey patterned lvt flooring in green kitchen

Northmore collection

Our first launch this year was our Northmore collection. During the mid-19th century, encaustic floor tiles became increasingly popular, so with Northmore, we wanted to refresh this beautiful style of tile for the modern-day. Northmore blends heritage colour pigment and authentic patina, creating a collection that reinterprets prestigious Victorian robust and detailed tiles by refreshing them for the 21st century. Pictured below, Northmore Soapstone.

Our focus with the development of this collection was form, function, warmth and acoustics in order to create a design that looks equally as stunning in both traditional and contemporary interiors. The natural palette features seven colourways: Waterhouse Blue, Sable Black, Pembroke Slate, Soapstone, Mortar and the new Fired Terracotta.

grey and white patterned lvt flooring in kitchen

Pattern collection

Our second launch this year was in collaboration with celebrated UK designer Dee Hardwicke. This was our second collection collaboration named Pattern. Dee Hardwicke’s Pattern collection also reflects heritage encaustic design, adapted from original ceramic illustrations.

The Pattern collection captures the beauty of the natural world, inspired by the breathtaking landscapes surrounding Dee Hardwicke’s studio. “It’s a lovely way of being able to enjoy a little bit of the natural world whether you live in the city or the countryside” Dee Hardwicke, Designer.

The four colourways capture the essence of hand-painted Morrocan tiles: Ashen, Larkspur, Warm Terracotta and Meadow Green. This mixture of bold and neutral tones means Pattern can blend easily with either traditional or contemporary interior spaces. Pictured below, Pattern Larkspur.

blue and white patterned bathroom lvt flooring