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How to choose a checkerboard floor for your home

Checkerboard flooring continues to trend and its revival has seen more and more people bringing check into their homes; from new build houses to traditional, period properties. But how do you choose what colour to opt for and what pattern to lay your checkered tiles in? Here’s how to choose a checkerboard floor for your home.

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02nd May 24

brown and white chequerboard kitchen flooring

Decide on the space

Perhaps the best place to start is at the very beginning; which is, choose where in the home you want to bring the check trend to life. The joy of checkerboard is that it can suit pretty much any room in the home; from family bathrooms to contemporary kitchens and busy hallways.

We love a monochrome black and white checkerboard floor in entrance-ways and hallways and also think a colourful checkerboard perfectly suits a bright and airy living space. Utility rooms are also a fabulous place for a checkerboard floor; bringing life to an otherwise overlooked corner of the home. Once you know where you’ll be introducing a checkerboard floor, you can then start mood-boarding and Pinterest-scrolling until your heart’s content.

Choose your checkerboard laying pattern

One question we get asked the most when it comes to checkerboard flooring is how to lay the tiles; in a traditional square or more contemporary diamond pattern? Choosing a diamond or harlequin laying pattern for your checkered LVT is very now and can help make your space feel bigger as the direction of the tiles elongates your room. It’s therefore an ideal option for a smaller laundry room or kitchen where you want to make the most of the space.

On the other hand, laying them in a classic, square pattern means your checkered floor will give stylish retro vibes; as seen here with Squares Venetian Red & Linen White.

red and white chequerboard LVT floor in utility room

Settle on a checkerboard colour

So you know where in the home you’ll be bringing checkerboard chic; next, to decide on what colourway best suits your overall style and decor. The joy of a modern check is that there’s more to it than just the classic black and white; although we still love this timeless design. Perhaps a grey and white checkerboard floor would look perfect in your home; in which case, Squares Steel and Squares Linen White is a match made in heaven. We love this partnered with industrial, metallic touches and soft wood accents. If colour is on the agenda, there’s no doubt that Squares Bay Blue or Squares Venetian Red are contenders: both are stylish and beautiful, and certainly a conversation starter.

Soft neutrals are also not to be overlooked; Ecru and Poppyseed are both brown-toned tiles that complement blush shades and gold details. They’re warmer alternatives to a monochrome check that can freshen up an overlooked space.

dark brown and white checkerboard floor in kitchen

Consider the impact

A checkerboard floor is sure to impress, no matter what colour you choose. You can go for a full impact, by laying it in a whole room for the ultimate ‘wow’ factor, or you could consider zoning an area to create a cosy, stylish nook.

Pictured below, we love how Squares Bay Blue brings this dining corner to life, adding yet another colour pop to the retro space; it looks elegant and eye-catching alongside plush velvet and colourful decor. We also love pairing a checkerboard floor alongside a more traditional wood-effect LVT plank; as seen here, Poppyseed gently sits beside Limed Oak+ from our premium Selected Woods+ collection to create subtle contrast.

blue and white chequerboard flooring in living room

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Think about checkerboard alternatives

Embracing your love for check doesn’t have to mean settling for a traditional checkered floor design; at Harvey Maria, we have a huge range of patterned LVT that teases the checkerboard trend but offers something a little different. Our Check collection, designed by Neisha Crosland, is contemporary and striking with a geometric pattern that makes a space instantly stylish. We especially love Check Slate and Check Shadow for a twist on the black and white checkerboard.

The Dovetail collection, another curation by Neisha Crosland, is also a great alternative; Dovetail Ink Black is always a bestseller thanks to its bold design, whilst Dovetail French Clay allows you to bring a bit more colour to the forefront.

check shadow lvt flooring in kitchen with rustic stool

Figure out your room size

The time has come to place your order; exciting! In order to keep costs down and ensure there’s no wastage, be sure to order the right amount of flooring for your space. You can use our handy Room Size Calculator to figure out the exact square meterage of your room; our pack calculator, which can be found on each individual product page, can then tell you how many packs you need to order.

Don’t forget that our coloured LVT tiles are sold as singular colours, meaning you’ll need to order an equal amount of two products to achieve a checkerboard effect; for example, a 12m2 room would require 6m2 of Squares Stove Black and 6m2 of Squares Linen White. For help with placing your order, get in touch with our team who’ll be happy to assist.

poppyseed chequerboard kitchen lvt flooring

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