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How to choose the right floor for your hallway

Your hallway creates that all-important first impression, setting the interior tone and style for the rest of your home. This week’s blog post will take a look at how you can choose the right floor for your hallway, with some tips on how you can create a stylish and welcoming area, whilst still being massively practical and easy to maintain.

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20th Aug 21

lattice pebble grey lvt flooring in hallway

Consider the demands of your home - busy family home or bijou city flat?

Our luxury vinyl tiles are an ideal choice for high footfall areas such as hallways as they are incredibly durable, warm underfoot, and very easy to clean and maintain. Your lifestyle should always be a key consideration when choosing the right materials for a project. Hallways offer the opportunity to make a spectacular first impression, which is easily done with our selection of chic designs. LVT flooring creates the same look as real wood planks or ceramic tiles, but is more cost-effective and there’s no need to spend hours maintaining them when our Floorspa kit has everything you need to keep your floor in pristine condition; especially helpful for busy social spaces as we gather indoors as the weather turns.

brown patterned lvt flooring in hallway

Make a small hallway feel bigger

Ultra-realistic wood effect in a herringbone pattern creates a super stylish entrance hall – consider our brand new Hurst Herringbone collection to add a modern luxe feel that is both practical and sustainable. Lighter colourways can brighten and make a smaller hallway feel more airy, such as Earl Grey or Dormouse. The multi-tonal design adds to its authentic rustic look, and the traditional warmth of Old Bramble, pictured below, creates a welcoming, cosy feel. Running our paler planks such as MSeries Natural White Oak and Natural Plank Cove throughout a hallway lengthways can help to make a shorter hallway feel longer, again utilising space and drawing the eye into the home.

Sustainability is becoming more and more important to us all. We are starting to choose products and materials that improve our indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption, pollution and waste. We are really proud that the MSeries collection is recognised for its low impact on the environment in all aspects – production process, product composition, emissions & indoor air quality and sustainable construction.

herringbone lvt flooring in hallway with staircase

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grey wood lvt flooring with book and stool

Bring natural elements to your hallway

Patterns and textures inspired by nature have provided a lot of inspiration for one of our latest collections – the delicate floral Pattern collection. These designs bring us a sense of wellbeing and closeness to the outside world – something we feel the need for even more in recent years. Our Lattice collection also designed by British artist Dee Hardwicke encapsulates this mood beautifully, with an eclectic colour palette inspired by the colours of the countryside and intricate petal design; featured below, Lattice Pebble Grey.

Just as our obsession with houseplants is not fading, neither is our desire to bring natural elements into our homes. Flooring is a unique and cost-effective way of doing this, enabling the whole feeling of a room to transform. Add decorative tiles throughout your hallway or combine Lattice and wooden borders to create zones within your home; this works really well in open-plan interiors, allowing for more multifunctional use of the space.

light grey and white patterned lvt flooring in hallway

Experiment with monochrome checkerboard

Classic black and white checkerboard never goes out of style – something we love experimenting with throughout the season over on our Instagram page. Our Heritage Squares can be combined to create your own monochrome checkerboard floor using Linen White and Stove Black. This works brilliantly in both modern and trad interiors and is an easy way to add character to a neutral scheme. This timeless look can bring either a nostalgic, retro feel, or a modern elegance to hallways, depending on how you style it. Alternatively, contrast with colour drenched walls and doors for a more statement look. We have a range of colourways to choose from, so whether you want a bit of monochrome magic or a pop of colour, you can create your own style with check floors.

black and white checkerboard hallway flooring

Style heritage pattern

Victorian or encaustic inspired designs create a classic statement hallway and are extremely practical as they don’t show the dirt as much. This makes them a great choice for busy family homes – both practical and chic. Consider our Northmore collection, filled with a beautiful palette of soothing neutrals to fiery terracotta.  The detailed patina effect gives them an even more authentic finish, bringing a genuine character to any hallway space. We also have the delicate Pattern collection, perfect for creating a flow between the outside and interior entranceway to your home. These can be laid in different arrangements such as at a diagonal angle to create a secondary pattern effect; we love Warm Terracotta, featured below.

terracotta patterned lvt flooring in hallway