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How to elevate your pantry or utility room with stylish flooring

Pantries and utility rooms can be one of the most used spaces in your home, yet so often neglected in the renovation process. Whether you have a small area that needs a bit of TLC, or a more open room with a lot of potential, today’s blog will bring you a range of ideas for making it your own with the right LVT floor for you.

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11th Nov 21

charcoal grey patterned lvt flooring in pantry

Think about how you will use the space - easy access storage or cosy escape?

Pantry and utility rooms are often overlooked as they tend to be smaller spaces that can be hard to organise. However, utilising these areas of the home can help with the functionality of the room and be a way of expressing your individual interior style. Patterned flooring, such as Parquet Charcoal pictured below, can give the appearance of a larger space, and is a key consideration if you’re looking to create a utility room that feels open rather than overcrowded; busy spaces are never helpful when you are tackling a mountain of laundry!

Or, if you feel your pantry has been a little neglected and fails to flow with the theme of the rest of your kitchen or home, a new floor can help reimagine the space. Harvey Maria floor tiles are incredibly practical, durable and easy to clean. All of our flooring is waterproof and comes with a lifetime warranty, so perfect for the rooms in your household which are more utilitarian.

parquet grey patterned lvt floor in modern utility room

Experiment with different styles

Pantry and utility rooms are often tucked away and therefore can become a dumping ground in family homes of unfinished projects, items you’re not sure quite fit in with the rest of your home and unwanted furniture. Why not choose to experiment with trending styles outside your comfort zone to give a small space that WOW factor? This can be a really fun renovation project where you get the chance to try out new styles without completely changing your entire home. We love Walbrook Old Green, featured below, for its blend of Victorian-inspired design with modern manufacturing.

Consider upcycling furniture to blend with your chosen decorative new pantry floor or painting units to colour drench the space. Give a new lease of life to vintage furniture, making the room more multifunctional as both a practical storage area and cosy nook, perfect for settling down with a book and hot chocolate. If your style is normally bright colours – create a striking monochrome palette to contrast your kitchen style. The possibilities are endless and you might end up filled with more inspiration for future interior styling.

green patterned lvt flooring in utility room

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Creating a sense of light and space

Does your pantry or utility room lack natural light? This can make it feel less inviting, however when styled properly you can add atmosphere back into its design. Brighter flooring colours will draw the eye in and add contrast, as colour can really change the ambience of a room. Consider our ultra-realistic wood floors such as the MSeries collection. MSeries features a range of light oak toned floors which when laid lengthways, give the appearance of a longer room. To gain the most from any existing natural light in your home, consider glass doors and frames to give a more contemporary and open-plan look. Natural light really brings to life our neutral-toned floors, offering a soothing and tranquil feel. We love the look of Natural Plank Coppice in this utility/kitchen space.

wood plank lvt flooring in modern black kitchen


Get creative with storage

One of our top tips with any renovation project is to consider clever ways to optimise the storage available. We love styling our floors with colour block units. This can give a tidier look with practical items tucked away. However, to avoid a boxed-in feel to the room, consider adding shelves or counter space to showcase items you love – also perfect for getting that Instagram #shelfie shot! This will also help break up the room’s colours and give you practically more space to organise items.

For pantries, why not showcase any homemade goods such as jams and chutneys in jars for a vintage feel that also has them ready for easy access on display; you’ll be thanking your past selves from the summertime for creating a berry jam to spread on your toast on a cold autumn morning! We’re often prone to wasting items in our store cupboards purely through not being able to easily reach them.

blue and white patterned lvt floor in rustic pantry

Consider sustainability

We are all trying to choose more sustainable options in our day to day lives, whether that be eco-friendly reusable washing powders or recyclable jars for preserves. We are starting to choose products and materials that improve our indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption, pollution and waste and we are always looking at ways in which we can invest in products and production processes that are more sustainable.

We are really proud that the MSeries collection is recognised for its low impact on the environment in all aspects – production process, product consumption, emissions & indoor air quality and sustainable construction. This makes it a brilliant option for your renovation project, especially one you’ll be wanting to make use of for years to come. We love Hurst Herringbone Earl Grey, pictured below, which can be used in both modern and period properties and is kind to our environment. All of our floors are designed to be easy to clean and care for, meaning they are guaranteed to last for years to come. This means they need replacing less often and are durable enough to withstand the demands of high footfall spaces and busy family life.

grey toned herringbone lvt flooring in luxury kitchen