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How to match a patterned tile with wood flooring

Multi-functional spaces are super popular right now as more of us lean towards broken-plan living and a great way to achieve this is by matching your patterned floor tile with wood planks.

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21st May 24

light grey geometric lvt flooring with wood plank border

Our patterned tiles and checkerboards look great when paired with an authentic wood effect LVT. Many of our customers are styling a pattern and a wood to divide or zone an open plan area – you can create a unique breakfast nook, dining space or playroom area. When choosing which wood to match with your pattern, thinking about texture, colours and style is key.

Dovetail Flax & Croft Oak Flaxen Oak

Croft Oak Flaxen Oak from our brand new Croft Oak collection matches the contemporary style of Dovetail Flax perfectly, and its golden highlights warm up the cool grey tone from the geometric tile. Designed by Neisha Crosland, the Dovetail collection draws inspiration from heritage design and suits both contemporary and period homes; pairing it with a stylish, elegant authentic wood plank works especially well in a kitchen or dining room to create a modern nook.

patterned and wood lvt flooring zone in dining room

Northmore Sable Black & Natural Plank Cove

Northmore Sable Black has an authentic aged patina which looks great with the rustic and textured Natural Plank Cove. Styled here in a dining room, the contrast between elegant black pattern and the light wood plank allows you to play with contrasting materials and colours for something altogether unique.

black and white patterned lvt flooring in dining room

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dark brown heritage patterned lvt flooring in rustic dining room

Walbrook Avebury Stone & Hurst Herringbone Dormouse

The cosy, heritage feel of Hurst Herringbone Dormouse makes a warm and practical partner to Victorian-inspired Walbrook Avebury Stone. The muted, natural hue of Avebury Stone has made it a popular flooring choice for both modern and traditional homes; pairing it with an elegant, classic herringbone floor gives a super chic finish. Plus, the low maintenance nature of our luxury vinyl tiles means they’re easy to clean and waterproof, therefore ideal for busy family homes with young children.

stone patterned lvt flooring in dining room

Dovetail Lavastone & Natural Plank Highland

The tones in this modern rustic dining area match perfectly, thanks to the brilliant pairing of Dovetail Lavastone with Natural Plank Highland. Combining modern pattern with natural features creates the ultimate contrast and a great talking point in entertainment areas of the home. Both the patterned LVT and wood plank are extremely versatile, and bring a touch of luxe alongside incredible practicality.

work from home rustic desk space in open plan living dining room

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mid toned oak effect lvt plank flooring