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How to style encaustic pattern for a cottagecore inspired home

The trend of the year, which shows no sign of slowing down, is cottagecore; centered around idyllic country living, vintage finds and a new appreciation for the outdoors. Today’s blog will be looking at encaustic patterns and how we can utilise them to create an Instagram worthy home.

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12th Aug 21

slate grey patterned lvt flooring in rustic cottage kitchen

Incorporate unique decorative pattern to your home

Collections inspired by mid-19th century encaustic floor tiles are extremely popular again this year and look set to dominate into Autumn / Winter. After the continuing popularity of cottagecore we’ve seen more and more decorative designs creating a statement in our interiors. We have reimagined these unique patterns to create ultra-stylish flooring to suit a variety of spaces.

The Northmore collection reinterprets stylish and prestigious Victorian floor tiles to create a collection that stands up to the demands of modern life – form, function, warmth, durability and acoustics. Northmore boasts a palette of trending tones from deep blues, such as Waterhouse Blue pictured below, to earthy neutrals, perfect to style year-round with seasonal touches. Many of our customers have enjoyed using Northmore in their hallways to set the tone for their home and reflect the history of the property. This in turn helps them tell the story of their renovation journey, something many enjoy documenting on their social feeds. Others have experimented with creating statement kitchens with Northmore, adding character and warmth to their space. Consider pairing heritage patterns with deep blue units or colour drenched walls and cupboards, then add in personal stylish features such as pastel-toned crockery and repurposed vintage finds.

blue and white patterned lvt floor in rustic pantry

Experiment with zoning and borders

Broken-plan living describes the clever use of a space which still retains the spacious feeling of being open-plan, but distinct zones are created within the space. Consider using different floor finishes such as our authentic woods paired with patterned tiles, and semi-permanent partitions, such as bookcases and screens.

This way of dividing rooms creates both functional spaces and cosy nooks, such as dining areas, home office corners, pantry areas or a family play space. This not only helps you get the most out of each room, but also lends itself to modern family living and our increasing need for multifunctional spaces. Seen here is a dining area using Northmore Sable Black with Natural Plank Cove, one of our favourite combinations which adds a modern-monochrome vibe whilst still maintaining a rustic, homely feel.

black and white patterned lvt flooring with wood planks and armchair

Create a palette of heritage colour pigment

Whatever property or room you are looking to renovate, developing a colour palette that is both adaptable and unique is a great way of developing your interior style. Our encaustic collections were created with rich heritage colour pigments in mind, that work well blended throughout your home. Consider rich blues to contrast with modern white bathrooms such as our Pattern Larkspur or Northmore Waterhouse Blue, or alternatively go for a more monochrome look with Northmore Sable Black or the contemporary Pattern Ashen, featured below.

Colour can be another way to reflect the seasons changing with your home, so think about bringing green tones in within the summer months to contrast Terracotta and add a sense of the outdoors in, or add wooden textures during the Autumn months for a more rustic look. Each colour has been selected to work well within a variety of interior schemes and is set to look great for years to come.

light grey pattern lvt flooring in rustic cottage kitchen

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