Home Inspirations Key colour trends for 2024 & how to bring them to your home with LVT flooring

Key colour trends for 2024 & how to bring them to your home with LVT flooring

For the first time ever, Pinterest have revealed their top trending colours for 2024 - here's our guide on how you can use them with our luxury vinyl flooring.

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12th Mar 24

green and white floral patterned lvt flooring in bathroom

Inspired by its annual trend report and also taking data from colour searches and user data, the Pinterest colour palette of 2024 was curated with everything from fashion to interior design in mind; with pretty pastels and warm neutrals all featuring. Here we look more closely at the colours set to trend over the coming months and how you can bring them to your home aesthetic with LVT flooring.

Moss Green

With the likes of ‘tropical chic’, ‘spa aesthetic’ and ‘sage green bathroom’ topping search terms in recent months, it’s unsurprising that Moss Green features in the brand new colour palette; and it’s a trend that we’ve seen on the rise too with leafy and jewel-like tones continuing to prove popular.

Lattice Pear Tree Green

Incorporating green to our interiors can help to bring the outdoors resulting in an overall more calming, zen effect. A great example of how to bring this biophilic inspired design to your home with flooring is Lattice Pear Tree Green; this light toned floor brings freshness to a space and its pretty floral motif offers another chance to pay homage to mother nature.

Parquet Hunter Green

Bringing deeper hues of green to your interior can also add a soothing, relaxing vibe to your home, especially when paired with blush tones and soft metallics. Parquet Hunter Green always appears in our bestselling designs thanks to its striking geometric pattern and jewelled hue, ideal for a bathroom that is both modern and elegant in feel.

dark green patterned lvt flooring luxury modern bathroom

Walbrook Old Green

A move towards vintage inspired interiors has also been on our radar over the last few months as we look to blend modern and antique styles within our homes. A renewed demand for Victorian inspired floor tiles has meant more interest in our Walbrook collection, and Old Green not only satisfies this vintage-nostalgia trend but also the Moss Green hype. It contrasts beautifully with paler tones and wood panelling, and can make a room feel even more luxe with its rich tone and elegant pattern.

walbrook old green patterned lvt flooring in bathroom

Aqua Blue

As another nod to nature, Aqua Blue is said to be reflective of ocean tones, the deep blue sea and coastal aesthetics. Not only does blue evoke feelings of relaxation and serenity, it can also be a playful and fun colour that adds quirkiness to your home.

Squares Bay Blue & Linen White

A fun checkerboard floor brings retro style to a space, and Squares Bay Blue is both pretty and stylish at the same time. Pale blue kitchens have trended in Pinterest searches this year, so we think this checkered look fits both the colour and aesthetic trend to a tee.

Dovetail Oxford Blue

If a darker blue is more your vibe, Dovetail Oxford Blue is a great choice; it looks great in modern bathrooms and kitchens especially when colour drenched for the ultimate Aqua Blue aesthetic. Its rich and striking tone styles beautifully with both neutral decor and more contemporary finishes, making it a super versatile design to use in your next home project.

dark blue patterned lvt floor in colour drench kitchen

Lattice Cornflower Blue

For something more delicate, Lattice Cornflower Blue perfectly encapsulates the pretty aesthetic that’s both whimsical and artisan in design. From the bestselling collection curated by British artist Dee Hardwicke, this light blue shade brings to mind clear skies and crystal clear waters; ideal for a zen bathroom to escape to at the end of a busy day.

lattice blue patterned lvt flooring in bathroom

Desert Orange

Undoubtedly inspired by Pantone’s Peach Fuzz – their 2024 colour of the year – orange hues are taking the interior world by storm right now with warm terracottas taking centre stage.

Northmore Fired Terracotta

Mediterranean tones have been flooding our social feeds for a while now as we embrace more earthy colours in our homes. They bring a cosy, comforting feel that immediately makes a space feel that more snug and homely. We love Northmore Fired Terracotta with its nod to vintage-nostalgia thanks to the encaustic pattern. It’s ideally paired with darker woodwork and brass hardware, and we love it styled in a rustic cottage kitchen setting.

Pattern Warm Terracotta

Incredible with neutral accents and rustic styling, Pattern Warm Terracotta is another great yet subtle way to bring the orange colour trend to your home. It’s a warm neutral that also allows you to bring the biophilic trend to your home with its scattered petal design. This terracotta floor tile elevates a space, especially in a hallway where first impressions really do count, and can provide the warmest of welcomes to your beloved home.

terracotta patterned lvt flooring in rustic hallway

Mocha Brown

Wrapping up the colour trends for 2024 comes Mocha Brown; inspired by the Cafécore and Western Gothic emergence, Mocha Brown focuses on elevated neutrals and caramel, coffee colours that bring cosy vibes wherever they’re used.

Croft Flaxen Oak Herringbone

From the brand new Croft Oak collection comes Flaxen Oak Herringbone; an ultra realistic wood-effect floor that boasts golden highlights ideal for this Mocha Brown trend. Whilst it might not be the deep and dark hue that one first envisages, it brings a beautiful neutral to the home that is truly reminiscent of the sought-after café aesthetic.

Walbrook Claystone

The deep and earthy tone of Walbrook Claystone is ideally suited to the Mocha Brown trend, and also allows you to bring Victorian-like pattern to your aesthetic. Inspired by neo-gothic encaustic floor tiles, not only is the brownish colourway hugely practical when it comes to everyday living – think muddy boots and paws in a busy family hallway – it’s also the perfect blend of modern and elegant.

brown patterned lvt flooring in hallway

Ecru & Latte White

Another chance to bring trending checkerboard to your home, the combination of Ecru & Latte White allows you to introduce coffee-coloured floor tiles alongside brighter colours and natural neutrals. It’s a warm and inviting look that’s both contemporary and practical, and means you can infuse both the colour and check trend for something super stylish.

neutral chequerboard floor tiles