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Spring flooring trends for the high traffic areas of your home

From creating book nooks to finding the balance between cosy and cool, choosing the right durable and chic floor tile is key to a successful renovation project. Continue reading to see our top choices for high-footfall, yet sometimes unstyled rooms, ready to be transformed with your own personal spring style.

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03rd Mar 22

patterned lvt flooring with wood planks in dining room with armchair

Spaces to escape

The rise of gen-z and millennial interiors content on both Instagram and Tiktok has inspired us to make the most of the nooks and crannies of our homes, rethinking how we can create an on-trend space to escape when looking for a new spring project. This season is all about refreshing, so consider how you can utilise light and space. Consider upgrading bay window seats with floral seat cushions, airy linen curtains and a gorgeous new floor that blends with popular decorative features such as wood panelling and biophilic design.

Add in contrasting patterns and colours within your flooring, such as colour block walls and textiles to add interest and create a talking point of once-forgotten areas of the home. It’s also a good opportunity to go bold with your interior style and try out something new, so why not browse our Instagram feed or living room ideas page for more inspiration for the latest trends? This is the perfect way to utilise space and make the most out of busy living areas of the home. Why not combine our MSeries woods and patterned LVT designs to experiment with zoning and borders to maintain the feel of an open-plan space?

black patterned lvt with wood planks in living room nook

Luxe utility rooms

In order to strike the balance between practicality and style, many of us are rethinking how we use once-neglected spaces such as utility rooms. Luxe utility is a top trend we’ve identified for 2022, with multifunctionality being a key aspect of how we design these high-footfall areas of the home. Instead of being rooms once shut away or used as a dumping space (so easily done!), consider opting for innovative storage ideas, luxe finishing touches such as brass taps, shelving, hooks and mirrors that give the feeling of a larger space and investing in a long-lasting luxury vinyl flooring design that is ensured to look great for years to come.

All our floors are easy to clean and maintain, making them great for busy family living. Opting for a luxurious makeover of the areas we actually use the most in our homes creates a good talking point and helps to tie together your interior scheme. Don’t be afraid to go for a lighter-toned design to brighten up your utility room, such as Northmore Mortar; our floors are easy to clean and care for, meaning you can spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying your floor.

grey and white patterned lvt flooring in utility room with broom

Cool to be cosy

We have long been loving the trend of cosiness, inspired by the Danish sense of hygge, within our interior schemes. In 2022 we’re seeing this trend continue with a cool edge brought in by our love for natural textures. Light neutrals and natural materials such as stone and wood are increasingly popular, allowing you to create a minimalist scandi feel that has an added warmth when styled with softer textures, indoor plants and earthy tones or contrasted with pops of colour and soothing pattern.

This trend is perfect for transforming book nooks into a calming and ambient area in your home. The below image showcases how Natural Plank Coppice can be styled in a chic and stylish way to update this corner, without losing the welcoming and cosy atmosphere. Consider how light can affect the space in terms of colour. Order your free samples to get a feel of how the design will look in your chosen room, or create a mood board of potential colour schemes and textures.

wood plank lvt flooring in living room with yellow chair

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