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Five design ideas for creating a welcoming kitchen space this summer

Kitchens are at the heart of every home as they can provide a multifunctional space - from somewhere to try out new recipes, entertain, work from home and create memories. That’s why when looking for ideas for your next renovation project, kitchens are a good place to start fresh and set the interior tone for your home.

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21st Apr 21

slate grey patterned lvt flooring in green kitchen

Northmore Pembroke Slate - perfect for a statement pantry flooring

Space is one of the most important considerations when beginning any project, especially if you want the area to have an open-plan feel. Consider tall units for better storage with built-in worktops and shelving. Our Northmore Pembroke Slate design has been used below to style this beautiful breakfast pantry area within a modern kitchen. The encaustic inspired tile pattern brings an authentic yet contemporary look when contrasted with the deep green/blue-toned units.

slate grey kitchen luxury vinyl tiles

Pattern Ashen - blending traditional and contemporary interiors

One of the top trends seen all over our Instagram feeds at the moment is the modern-rustic interior style. This look uses classic design elements with contemporary touches to create a homely yet on-trend aesthetic that looks equally beautiful in a country cottage as in a modern townhouse. Pictured below, Pattern Ashen has been used to style this kitchen space. We love the use of neutral tones and the floral motif to bring that classic design element, contrasted with a cool contemporary grey tone to give it that modern edge. This design works well on its own or with one of our MSeries woods as a border, to create a design that can flow seamlessly throughout your kitchen into your living space. The Pattern collection was inspired by nature and brings a piece of the outdoors into your home whilst still maintaining an on-trend look that will suit a variety of interiors.

light grey pattern lvt flooring in rustic cottage kitchen

Dovetail Ink Black - modern monochrome floor tiles

Our iconic Dovetail collection by Neisha Crosland boasts a palette of striking tones from Burnt Copper to Oxford Blue. Ink Black, pictured below, contrasts the on-trend green kitchen units. This modern take on monochrome styling works brilliantly alongside the geometric diamond pattern created by the tiles. Pattern can create a sense of space, making this design a great choice for kitchen areas. Another consideration for creating a more open feel is to add in transportable kitchen islands, a popular trend for new kitchens. This way, you can use the island as additional worktop space or as a breakfast bar, then move it to the side when entertaining to fully utilise the space.

black and white geometric lvt flooring in modern kitchen

Northmore Fired Terracotta- experiment with light and bold colour

We recently added the bold Fired Terracotta colourway to the Northmore collection, perfect for making a statement look that also blends well with different interior styles. The shaker style kitchen, featured below, has been styled with this bold design to add more colour contrast to the dark green scheme. This kitchen is full of natural light which works perfectly to really show the strong colours used. Experimenting with light and colour is a great way to create a real personal style for your kitchen that is also open and welcoming. This can be achieved through a themed colour palette and achieving a light space through bi-fold doors, windows and light fittings.

terracotta pattern lvt flooring in rustic kitchen

Lattice Seedpod - create a sense of Hygge at home

Hygge is a Danish word to describe creating a cosy and warm atmosphere that creates a calming feel. Achieving this often starts with creating a space that you feel comfortable in – therefore to create your own #hyggehome it’s important to make design choices that reflect your personal style. Hygge is frequently associated with details such as warm lighting, candles and soft textures which helps large open rooms still achieve that cosy feel. A design perfect to create this aesthetic is our Lattice Seedpod design. The delicate motif is reminiscent of fallen petals, and the colourway is a soothing neutral with warm undertones.

lattice patterned lvt flooring in cosy cottage kitchen