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Statement interior trends for 2021

With the summer months already here, we’re looking to redefine our interior styles ready to create more sociable, eye-catching and open spaces. Statement interiors are a big trend for 2021 as we welcome guests back to our homes. Whether you opt for on-trend statement furniture such as roll-top baths or velvet armchairs and want a flooring design that blends in seamlessly, or whether you want flooring to become the statement piece of your decor, we have a variety of flooring options from bold patterns to muted stone effect tiles.

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17th Jun 21

black and white encaustic lvt tiles in bathroom

Inject colour and pattern

Deep french blues, vibrant oranges and pastel lilacs are trending now as we see interior lovers wanting to add a pop of colour into their homes for the summer season. Whether you want to add a pop of pastel or use colour as the statement piece of your decor, our collections boast a variety of colour palettes to suit your personal style and current trends. Pictured below, our Heritage Squares contrasting monochrome and trending checkerboard flooring with the deep tones of the statement patterned wallpaper.

black and white checkerboard lvt flooring in statement bedroom

Invest in key pieces

Starting a new renovation project can be a daunting task however planning out key elements that will reflect your style is a good place to start. Consider where to invest your budget – statement furniture can transform the look of a room when complemented with the right flooring to reinforce the interior style. Consider elements such as butler sinks with authentic tile design to replicate the ever-popular cottagecore aesthetic look; our Pattern collection by Dee Hardwicke is a great inspiration for this style. Alternatively, you could opt for a non-fixed kitchen island with contemporary geometric design so you can easily transform the space from a practical to sociable one when guests arrive. Pictured below, Dovetail Oxford Blue is bold, bright and truly creates a statement.

dark blue patterned lvt floor in colour drench kitchen

Broken-plan living

Creating a statement interior style can be easy with broken-plan living – a key trend for 2021. Open-plan spaces are especially popular now we are investing in areas of the home such as the kitchen and preparing for a more social space. However, the demands for different areas of our home have changed and they have become more multifunctional. In order to create separation between spaces, even if it’s just for when friends are over or you want a space to work away from busy areas, many interior lovers are opting for new ways to divide rooms. This can be made easy with statement furniture pieces such as screens, velvet sofas and moveable kitchen islands. However this look can also be achieved through flooring – why not create zones and borders by combining our statement pattern designs with our MSeries woods for an eye-catching yet still practical use of space, as featured below with Northmore Sable Black and Natural Plank Cove.

black and white patterned lvt floor with wood planks in dining room


Sustainability is a key consideration with any interior project, as discussed in last week’s blog post about why our MSeries woods are an eco-friendly choice for your home. Another way to create a statement sustainable style is through upcycling. By reusing and repurposing items in our home we can still update the interior style. This is an increasingly popular activity thanks to the ever-popular ‘cottagecore’ aesthetic trend at the forefront of interior design for this year and beyond. Consider creating new shelf space, painting statement pieces to blend with your interior scheme, or to match your new floor, or finding new use for items you have stored away in the loft.

light grey pattern lvt flooring in rustic cottage kitchen

Panelling and texture

One way to add a sense of character to any property is to experiment with using different textures. Panelled walls are increasingly popular, and we love styling them against our patterned floors, as seen below with Dovetail Flax. Opt for a neutral look to blend easily with existing decor, or alternatively add a pop of colour and switch it up to reflect current trends. Learn more about how to create your own DIY panelling project over on Instagram – many interior bloggers are experimenting with this styling for their homes.

light grey geometric patterned lvt in hallway

Bold home office

During lockdown, many of us began working from home and the need for home office spaces or nooks became increasingly important. This is a great opportunity to make a statement and experiment with different interior styles within your home. Go bold with pieces such as velvet desk chairs, or combine contemporary desks with geometric patterned flooring; pictured below, Dovetail Lavastone that perfectly complements Natural Plank Highland.

dark grey patterned lvt flooring with wood planks in dining room