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Ten reasons to choose a great wood effect LVT floor

Here are our top ten reasons to choose an LVT wood floor for your next home project...

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14th Aug 19

limed oak parquet lvt flooring tiles

1. It’s hard to spot the difference between a premium, wood-effect and the real thing. Modern Register in Emboss finishes, like Harvey Maria’s MSeries, mirror the wood grain design underneath, so they look incredibly realistic. They also come in a wide range of natural wood colours.

2. MSeries wood-effects are recognised for their low lifetime environmental impact and have many clean air certifications.

3. No harmful chemicals are needed to clean and maintain a wood-effect floor.

4. Premium natural effects, like MSeries, can be recycled.

5. The latest breed of flat matt finishes reinforces the natural rustic look.

grey wood lvt flooring with book and stool

6. A wood-effect floor is a lot thinner than a timber floor, so it’s easy to install without having to plane doors, remove skirting boards, risk boxing in kitchen appliances, etc.

7. Wood-effect floors are waterproof, so they’ll ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and boot rooms.

8. MSeries can be installed over underfloor heating systems, for extra comfort.

9. Textured wood-effect finishes have good grip, so they’re safe underfoot – ideal for family homes.

10. Wood-effects are incredibly durable – and a very ‘pocket friendly’ flooring option.

light wood plank lvt flooring in bathroom