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The Unexpected Red Theory Interior Trend

Have you heard of the Unexpected Red Theory? Here we unpick the latest TikTok interiors trend and how you can bring it to your home with luxury checkerboard flooring.

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15th Feb 24

red and white lvt checkerboard flooring

The Unexpected Red Theory is taking our social feeds by storm; coined by Brooklyn based interior designer Taylor Simon, it’s about adding a touch of red to a room where you might not think to put it. The result? This pop of colour immediately lifts the space and gives it a fresh, contemporary feel.

According to Taylor’s video that has gone viral on social media, “the unexpected red theory is basically adding anything that’s red, big or small, to a room where it doesn’t match at all, and it automatically looks better,” and she adds that one could argue red should be a new neutral as it “looks good with everything”. Whilst natural colour schemes are set to trend this year as we shy away from the more maximalist, dopamine décor schemes of recent months, red is undoubtedly on the rise too and is taking the fashion and now interior design world by storm.

red and white chequerboard LVT floor in utility room

Our ever popular Squares Venetian Red & Linen White checkerboard flooring is made for this interior trend and proves the theory that adding this trending colour immediately makes a room look even better. The red and white check brings a joyful and playful feel, and gives us that dose of colourful dopamine.

We especially love this red coloured flooring when paired with other bright hues such as the blue cabinets or yellow walls as seen below. Would you brave the red trend and bring an unexpected pop to your home? Order your free samples of Squares Venetian Red & Linen White to recreate the look yourself.