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Time to plan your next project

January is a great time to start planning your next renovation project starting with luxury flooring in order to refresh our homes for the coming year. This week’s blog is a checklist for choosing the right flooring for your next project to help you get excited for the renovation journey to come…

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14th Jan 22

selection of harvey maria lvt tiles and brochures

Choose the right space to renovate

As you begin planning your first renovation project of the year, it’s time to reflect on which room is the most important to you and your lifestyle to renovate. For example, if you’re looking to create a more sociable space, focusing on making an open and refreshing kitchen diner may be the best investment of your budget. Many of us are spending time at home working, so maybe you need an inspiring work-from-home nook, or a snug space to cosy up with a book to unwind afterwards.

Within this process, start thinking about what overall look you want to go for – are you looking to experiment with an alternative style to the rest of your existing home (perfect for garden rooms or pantries!), or maybe your living room doesn’t fit with the interior scheme of other parts of your home and you want it to become more cohesive. Whatever you choose, make sure the space is right for renovation and you’re ready to invest in its makeover.

dark grey patterned lvt flooring with wood planks in dining room

Order your free samples

One of our top recommendations when beginning to mood board your next renovation project is to order some of our free samples to get a real feel for the colour and style of a collection. The sample ordering process is simple, and by taking advantage of the extra free samples you might surprise yourself with your final choices! Take a look at your sample alongside your existing or future colour palette, as well as in the room you are planning to lay the floor. The tone of your chosen design can vary depending on the natural light, wall colours and other light features in a room so it’s important to get an idea of what it will look like once laid.

woman looking at harvey maria lvt flooring samples

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Once you’ve chosen your space and begun to order your free samples, decluttering the room is important so you can have more of a blank canvas to work with. Rearranging the room layout, placement of furnishings and any lighting can really have an impact on the feel of a room. If you want to create a sense of space, consider choosing one of our bold oversized patterns or laying our MSeries planks to guide the line of vision as you enter the room as this will give the impression of a bigger space.

This is also the time to think about any other room features you might want to consider alongside your new flooring, such as the classic trend of wall panelling to add detail and interest to the room. The lines panelling creates complements our geometric patterns, such as Pattern Larkspur below, adding a characterful feel to both traditional and more contemporary homes, making them cottagecore-cosy enough for Instagram worthy snaps.

blue floral patterned lvt flooring in bedroom

Visualise the floor in your space

As your renovation plans begin to progress, it’s good to see how the floor may look in a particular room. Our handy visualiser tool can help you to experiment with different laying patterns and colours, giving you an additional perspective on a design you are interested in. It is simple to use and can be found on the product page of each floor tile or plank. Laying our more detailed patterns at a diagonal angle can showcase a secondary pattern.

Another consideration may be to combine our MSeries woods with our Design Series tiles to create borders and zones; featured below, Northmore Sable Black alongside Natural Plank Cove. This can help with multifunctionality and divide open-plan rooms without losing the spacious feel. Our patterned designs and ultra-realistic wood floors can help to transform any sized room with colour and cosiness for an on-trend look that is set to last.

black and white patterned lvt flooring with wood planks and armchair

Discover new trends

One of our favourite tools for building inspiration is Pinterest. You can create mood boards based on current trends and get ideas for how to put your own spin on popular styles. One trend that we saw emerging in 2021 that is set to stay for this year is monochrome interiors. This is a bold and elegant look that can easily be achieved through the right flooring. This blends into the classic checkerboard flooring that we’ve been seeing all over our favourite Instagram interior blogger’s feeds right now! Keep an eye on our blog over the next few weeks for a sneak peek into more of our favourite trends for 2022 that you can definitely incorporate into your next project.

black and white checkerboard floor in vintage bathroom

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blue and white checkerboard lvt flooring in dining room with chair