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Trend inspired designs to add to your wish list for 2021

We love sharing inspiration on our social feeds on how to style our collections for the latest trends, and January gets us thinking about the year ahead and what interior styles we are going to be seeing continue and emerge in 2021. Our variety of designs from collaborations with celebrated UK designers to ultra-realistic wood effect floors, means there is a floor perfect for your next renovation project.

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14th Jan 21

terracotta patterned lvt flooring in cottage kitchen

Multifunctional spaces

One trend that is set to stay is multifunctional spaces. With more of us than ever working from home, we’re looking at creative ways to best utilise different areas. Our customers have been loving bordering our patterned Design Series with our ultra-realistic MSeries woods to create zones within their home. Pictured below is our stunning Dovetail Lavastone surrounded by MSeries Hickory, creating a separated space in this open-plan living area. This type of zoning and defining of areas is now known as Broken-plan living. This describes the clever use of a space which still retains the spacious feeling of being open-plan, but distinct zones are created by using different floor finishes, pattern, split-levels and semi-permanent partitions, such as bookcases and screens. This creates cosy nooks and also means that people can have their own space, especially with many of us working from home at the moment. You can create a stylish home-office corner, breakfast nook, pantry area or family play space.

dark grey patterned lvt flooring with wood planks in dining room

Encaustic inspired design

Another trend we’ve celebrated in our recent collection launches is encaustic tile-inspired design. This comes from mid-19th century ceramic illustrations and has been building in popularity today for both modern and traditional interiors. Our Northmore collection and Pattern collection by Dee Hardwicke encapsulate the beauty of this highly detailed art that looks equally as beautiful in a contemporary home’s hallway as in a traditional country kitchen. Our ranges include both neutral and nature-inspired colour palettes. We also introduced terracotta-coloured tiles into both collections- a timeless colour pigment that is becoming ever more popular in 2021.

terracotta patterned encaustic floor tiles in rustic kitchen

Deep blues

Finally, why not browse our range of blue flooring? From our iconic Dovetail Oxford Blue to the new Check Blue, we have a variety of blue floors that look great in kitchens, hallways and conservatories. Deep blue kitchens are a popular choice right now, with many people opting to contrast the deep blue with features such as brass taps and natural wood furnishings.

blue check pattern kitchen flooring lvt