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Trending now – authentic wood planks and heritage inspired pattern

Hello Spring - and hello new flooring design trends that we're seeing as the warmer, sunnier season dawns. From ultra-realistic wood planks to Victorian inspired pattern, here's what's trending right now.

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09th Apr 24

blue and white victorian inspired patterned lvt flooring

Natural English Oak

The beauty of our authentic wood planks is that they’re incredibly realistic and a practical alternative to real wood flooring that’s not only less expensive but much more durable and easy to clean. Natural English Oak is one of our bestsellers this month and we can see why; it looks and feels truly authentic, and works beautifully in living and dining rooms, especially when styled with soft textiles and neutral tones.

Natural Plank Coppice

Continuing on the authentic wood plank trend, Natural Plank Coppice has also proven hugely popular in recent weeks with its warm and natural tones. Perfectly suited for a kitchen or hallway, it’s beautiful with bright yellow or green tones, but equally stylish in a monochrome space with neutral touches.

wood plank lvt flooring in living room with yellow chair

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brindle mid oak effect lvt flooring

Northmore Waterhouse Blue

Our Northmore collection is inspired by 19th-century encaustic design, and Waterhouse Blue is currently trending as more of us turn to heritage, colourful pattern in our homes. With its deep glazed blue hue, this look complements both period and contemporary interiors, taking inspiration from Victorian floor tiles and is a great choice for utility rooms or kitchens thanks also to its low maintenance nature.

blue and white patterned lvt floor in rustic pantry

Walbrook Sherwin Slate

Victorian style pattern is clearly on everyone’s mind right now as Walbrook Sherwin Slate also trends. A warm and contemporary grey, Sherwin Slate looks especially elegant paired with neutral decor and dark, moody hues and its intricate pattern makes it a great choice for high traffic areas of the home as it’s incredibly forgiving.

dark grey patterned lvt flooring in kitchen

Squares Stove Black & Linen White

Not a month goes by where checkerboard flooring isn’t trending; it’s a classic and timeless pattern that suits all homes and complements all interior aesthetics. Squares Stove Black & Linen White will never go out of fashion with its monochrome finish, and we love it in a rustic kitchen or hallway.

black and white checkerboard lvt floor in utility room

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kitchen checkerboard black and white lvt flooring