Home Inspirations Trending now – floral floor tiles and whimsical home styling

Trending now – floral floor tiles and whimsical home styling

Some things simply never go out of style, and floral floor tiles are trending this summer as more of us embrace whimsical, chintzy decor in our homes.

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27th Jun 24

pattern meadow green lvt flooring with plant

Last year, the Bloomcore trend really took off, with dainty patterns, rich hues and neutral tones all proving popular when it came to home interiors. Adding a certain feminine charm and air of whimsicality continues to be at the forefront this summer, and introducing floral design to your home can be done in both a subtle or more playful way with our range of LVT flooring.

But where in the home can floral floor tiles be used and what designs work best? In this article we’ll explore our range of patterned flooring in more detail and shine a light on some of our prettiest, most botanical-inspired products that will allow you to fully embrace all things floral; whether you’re renovating your bathroom, kitchen, hallway and beyond.

Floral flooring for your bathroom

Floral decor in a bathroom is a match made in heaven; the use of pretty patterns and light hues evoke a freshness that is ideal for the space. Opting for floral tiles can significantly elevate a bathroom, infusing it with a touch of nature and botanical-design that helps to create a relaxing, soothing vibe.

The use of a subtle pattern is key here; in a room where you want to be able to unwind, using soft, delicate tones is also ideal. We love Lattice Pear Tree Green especially with its olive shade that works beautifully with crisp whites and rustic features. The sweet pattern of our Lattice collection is reminiscent of scattered petals, illustrated by British artist Dee Hardwicke who favours using an organic palette that complements both modern and more traditional interiors. It’s a lovely way to bring a flowery print to your bathroom.

light green patterned lvt floor in bathroom
light green patterned floral tiles in rustic bathroom

Floral tile inspiration for your kitchen

Bringing the delicacy of floral pattern to your home can also mean you embrace multiple home interior trends such as minimaluxe styling; and another colourway of our Lattice range, Seedpod, is ideal for this look. Its soothing, natural tone looks great when styled with similarly simple, paired back decor and homely features, especially in a kitchen where functionality is also key.

One of the joys of LVT flooring is how durable, low maintenance and robust it is; not only that, but our ranges are totally waterproof which is a key feature for kitchen flooring where spillages are bound to happen. Being able to combine both on-trend floral floor tiles and everyday practicality means you can elevate your kitchen space without compromising on either style or durability.

lattice seedpod luxury vinyl flooring in kitchen

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neutral lattice seedpod patterned lvt flooring with dried flowers

Floral pattern flooring for your hallway

If bold, warmer tones are more your thing, you can step away from these neutral tones and embrace pops of colour with our Pattern collection. Also curated by Dee Hardwicke, her designs are inspired by a love for British landscape and steeped in artisan tradition; so the perfect companion to the floral interiors trend.

When it comes to styling your hallway, making a great first impression is often top of the list; many of us want a hallway look that is memorable and inviting; opting for deeper shades such as Pattern Warm Terracotta means you can bring eclectic design to your hallway that is still imbued with natural, botanical influence.

terracotta patterned lvt flooring in rustic hallway
terracotta lvt flooring in hallway with plants

Floral pattern tiles for your dining room

Arguably one of the most social of spaces in the home, styling your dining room in a manner that’s inviting and elegant can be done effortlessly with the use of floral pattern tiles. You can use a pretty pattern to break up blocks of colour and heavyweight furniture, whilst still maintaining a floor that’s practical and easy to clean.

With its Moroccan-inspired design and beautiful deep blue tone with golden highlights, Pattern Larkspur is a great choice for floral dining room flooring, bringing the outdoors in and perfectly paired with whites or neutrals, and rustic wood features.

blue floral patterned floor tiles in dining room

Don’t forget – your first two samples when ordered online are free, so if you’re inspired to bring floral floor tiles into your home, browse our range of LVT flooring and shop online today.

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