Home Inspirations Trending now: Green floor tiles

Trending now: Green floor tiles

Serene green is having a moment and we're seeing more and more of you ordering samples of our green flooring.

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01st Aug 23

pattern meadow green lvt flooring with plant

Known for its calming effect, green can bring serenity to your space with a nod to the great outdoors too. Use green on the floor to complement an otherwise neutral decor – from pretty florals, Victorian inspired patterns to geometric designs.

Walbrook Old Green

Part of our popular Walbrook collection, we love the deep hue of Old Green that contrasts beautifully with paler hues and wood panelling. Use it in a utility room or bathroom to create a space that’s altogether more luxe. Using a darker, richer toned green can make a room feel really soothing and relaxing and Old Green is an elegant and subtle way of bringing this trending colour to your home.

walbrook old green patterned lvt flooring in bathroom

Parquet Hunter Green

Parquet Hunter Green is bold and beautiful, so what’s not to love? As we see a rise in people’s love affair with the colour green in their homes, we can’t not mention this striking design by Neisha Crosland that looks incredible with blush tones, soft metallic accents and warm neutrals. It’s a a gorgeous choice for creating a more colourful bathroom without losing a modern and elegant feel.

green patterned lvt flooring in modern bathroom

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light green patterned lvt floor in bathroom

Pattern Meadow Green

The delicate and fresh Pattern Meadow Green is from the bestselling collection by Dee Hardwicke and pays homage to our relationship with nature. With its elegant yet rustic design, this hue looks super stylish and refreshing alongside neutral textiles and soft furnishings. Perfect for hallways and pantries alike, using this pretty patterned tile is a great way to inject some bright and beautiful colour into your interior scheme.

pattern meadow green luxury vinyl flooring topdown

Dovetail Lavastone

If you’re wanting to bring the green trend into your home through the colour of your walls, Dovetail Lavastone is the perfect partner for your floor. We love how the geometric pattern contrasts beautifully with the soft yet moody hue of the room, accentuated further by natural textiles and wood accents.

dovetail lavastone lvt patterned flooring in green utility room

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