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What’s the best choice of floor to complement a colourful decor?

Trending interior styles are all about being colourful this year, and we’re seeing this reflected in your LVT flooring choices. As we look to add a splash of colour positivity to our homes, opting for bolder tones and patterns, it’s important to think about how to choose the right luxury vinyl floor to blend or contrast with your chosen colour palette.

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31st Mar 22

dark green patterned lvt flooring in luxury bathroom

Blend natural textures with joyful colour

Nature-inspired textures such as wood and stone are always a popular choice, as we capture the essence of the outdoor world and embrace these elements in our interior styles. Now is the time to be bolder with our colour choices, whether that be through opting for LVT flooring that celebrates trending brights and pastels, or through colour blocking walls and furniture such as roll-top baths. To help blend more daring tones seamlessly into your decor, why not think about adding in a luxury vinyl wood effect floor? This helps create a more natural feel that can flow from room to room, tying together the scheme and featuring a herringbone design and ultra-realistic wood grain for an added sense of luxe.

Rustic natural planks are always popular, allowing you to create a minimalist scandi feel that has an added warmth when styled with softer textures, pops of pastel colour and soothing patterns. Below, our authentic embossed MSeries Highland has been styled with this chic colourful bookcase for the perfect space to escape with a book in the sunny spring afternoons. We love the nod to biophilic design with indoor plants and bamboo print wallpaper, perfectly complementing the flooring and bringing a sense of the outdoors in. Our MSeries range features a range of trending styles from authentic wood plank to the popular parquet and herringbone patterns – perfect for any interior style.

mid oak plank wood lvt flooring with bookcase and plant

Opt for a bold accent colour

This spring the world is opening up more, and we’re looking ahead to creating more sociable and welcoming spaces. One key element to consider when styling a room is the feel you will create. Think about the hues of the room and the temperature they will embody. This year we’re seeing much more warmth coming through in our interior colour palettes, with terracottas, berry and baked tones here to stay.

If you want to create a sense of cosiness, why not opt for a colour block wall of a stronger, warm tone that creates a boho villa feel? Contrast this with a cooler toned floor such as Dovetail French Clay to balance the colours and reflect a more contemporary style. Alternatively, if you’ve previously gone for cooler tones in your decor, why not think about going for a trending herringbone design such as MSeries Old Bramble which imbues warmth and cosiness?

blue grey geometric pattern lvt flooring with colourful sofa

Create chic combinations

One of our favourite ways to create a colourful interior scheme is by combining our Heritage Squares and plain colour collections to create a unique checkerboard floor. Checkerboard flooring is a new trend for 2022, taking inspiration from classic check floor tiles and reimagining them to meet the demand of modern-day homes. From vibrant reds to soothing blues, checkerboard tiles allow you the freedom to experiment with different colour combinations. Looking for something more neutral? Why not create a check design with our Ecru and Latte White LVT to add trendy neutral tones to coloured kitchen units.

You can also combine your checkerboard floor with wood or wood effect, the perfect way to create a more natural feel and separate open-plan spaces. Not only will they look great for years to come, but all our luxury vinyl flooring is also easy to maintain and care for, perfect for high-footfall areas of the home such as hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.

brown and white checkerboard floor in modern kitchen

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red and white checkerboard floor in utility room

Elegant luxe with monochrome

As much as we love colour, monochrome remains another firm favourite choice when styling our homes. If you’re looking to bring modern elegance to forgotten spaces, why not contrast colourful rooms with a monochrome nook? For example, upgrade your utility room with striking monochrome tiles, or add a contemporary feel to more rustic kitchen spaces.

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional black and white, go for deeper green tones to contrast pastel pinks. Green is now often used as an elegant neutral on our walls and furniture, and it looks just as stylish on our floors; see Parquet Hunter Green below for inspiration.

dark green lvt flooring in bathroom with pink walls