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Perfectly practical flooring

Stylish, yet boasting many practical elements, rubber flooring is the way to go if you’re after something hardwearing, easy to maintain and water resistant. Perfect for busy family spaces or commercial projects, our Rubber Stud tile flooring also comes with a 15 year guarantee.

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23rd Oct 17

ice grey rubber dimpled lvt flooring

Offset your Peppermint Cream floor tiles with a bold paint shade to add a stylish edge to the space. Style up your Ice Grey vinyl tiles with luxurious dark walls and accessories, such as Black or Dark Green, this will create texture to the space and allow the floor to become your statement.

peppermint cream rubber flooring lvt

Alternatively, why not experiment with our Fossil Grey vinyl floor tiles and a hint of millennial pink for an on-trend look? Available in a range of statement tones, from subtle pastels to dark dramatic hues, there’s an option to suit all interior schemes.

fossil grey rubber lvt flooring