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ISO Standards

You’ll find that reference to ISO standards and the ISO logo appear on many of our products, so we thought we might provide a bit more information around what this actually means.

The guiding principles of the ISO standards (you can read a bit more about this later on) are to provide an international language of objective measurability. The standards are carefully crafted to provide a framework that cuts across borders, languages and cultures. So an ISO standard has the same meaning wherever in the world it is! This has clear advantages in terms of conformity, measurability and the alignment of expectations, enabling us all to benefit through global cooperation and trade. But, you might well ask, as a Harvey Maria customer, what does that mean for me?

Well, as you will hopefully know by now, Harvey Maria is committed to providing the highest quality products for our customers to own and enjoy. All the products that you can buy from us are sourced strictly through ISO9001 certified manufacturers. This certification ensures that production has taken place within ISO Quality Management Systems. One of the core principles of ISO9001 is that it not only provides the manufacturer with the tools to measure and improve quality, but that it helps companies achieve greater levels of customer satisfaction. For our customers, this translates into the reassurance that Harvey Maria flooring products will be free of defects and will match or exceed their expectations.

Harvey Maria also supports the ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems Certification, which is a method for reducing the the environmental impact of manufacturing. With focus on smart energy use and minimisation of waste throughout the supply chain, ISO14001 ensures that all our products are produced within a responsibly managed manufacturing process, with the reassurance that the impact of your purchase on the environment has been kept to a minimum.

So, what does that mean for you?

– Put most simply, ISO certification improves the quality of the products and service that you receive from us.
– ISO ensures that the environmental impact of your flooring is kept to an absolute minimum.
– Commitment to ISO makes it more likely that we will have the product you want in stock when you want it.
– ISO increases the likelihood that your floor will arrive on time and in perfect condition.
– ISO maximises the chance that you will happy with your purchase from us. Yes, ISO makes you smile!
– ISO makes your warranty more meaningful. Companies that are committed to ISO certification are more likely to have a long term view of their business, so more likely to still be around to support your product in the future.
– ISO makes great quality product more affordable. Reducing waste and improving efficencies the ISO way, means we can bring you great quality product that will last and look great for years, at an affordable price.

Tell me more about ISO we hear you cry!

Now headquartered in Geneva, the International Organisation for Standardisation in its current form began life in London in 1947. As as independent non-government organisation, the ISO facilitates the creation of common international standards, enabling businesses in all corners of the world to trade with each other on the basis of common, measurable and standardised metrics. These standards can apply to both products, services and even systems, and have created a harmonised set of standards that have ultimately had a hugely positive benefit on global trade.

You can read more about ISO here