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Perfect Commercial Vinyl Flooring Partners

LSI Floors is an international leader in the design and manufacture of commercial vinyl flooring for use in the most demanding environments including office and hospitality, healthcare and retail facilities.

The LSI and Harvey Maria partnership has developed from our shared conviction that great flooring doesn’t have to be boring, and that well-designed commercial vinyl floor tiles are not only a brilliantly practical surface, but will enhance the design of any interior space.

LSI flooring collections not only look fabulous, they’re also durable, impervious to water, resistant to stains, and simple to maintain and clean, while being tough enough to resist heavy loads. LSI has also cleverly engineered the surface of the product to include an anti-slip surface making LSI floors among the most practical commercial floor tiles valuable.

So why choose LSI vinyl tiles instead of sheet vinyl flooring? The production of smaller tile and plank formats allows for a far superior quality of print than is available on a mass-produced sheet of vinyl. This allows for more colours on the press, resulting in greater depth, better image definition and more intense colour.

    The tile format also significantly reduces cost compared to sheet vinyl:

  • Simplifying the installation process, producing less waste material.
  • Allowing for removal of individual tiles without disturbing the entire floor.
  • Superior durability, lasting longer and less prone to ripping and tearing.
  • Easier to clean, saving time and money and the reduction in the use of cleaning

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