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Our Commitment to the Environment

LVT Design Floors Inc is committed to environmental sustainability in every aspect of our day to day business, and throughout the wider operational & manufacturing activities of our partners. Harvey Maria, our manufacturing and licence partner has company wide programmes to reduce waste through strategic purchasing, recycling and carbon offsetting, with the aim of significantly reducing our carbon footprint year on year. In line with this commitment all manufacturing facilities have achieved ISO14001 Environmental System certification, for the creation and maintenance of an Environmental Management System.

Product Recycling Commitment

All Harvey Maria floors contain recycled materials and are themselves 100% recyclable. Harvey Maria has arrangements for the collection of off-cuts and waste material from large commercial installations for recycling throughout the UK.

Lifetime Floors

All Harvey Maria floors are durable and long-lasting, helping to reduce the overall lifetime environmental impact from manufacture, distribution, installation and maintenance. When compared to common alternative floor coverings, the lifetime environmental impact is much lower with a Harvey Maria floor, as borne out by the BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) ratings. BREEAM provides the leading independent environmental assessment measure for buildings. All Harvey Maria floor coverings achieve the highest possible sustainability ratings of A & A+ for the appropriate class of building (see the green guide for more information).