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Harvey Maria LVT floors should be fitted using adhesives designed specifically for LVT floors following. Always choose a ‘wet set’ LVT adhesive rather than a ‘pressure sensitive’ or ‘hybrid’ adhesive – use of ‘wet-set’ adhesive provides a superior bond strength and will also allow the installer to achieve a tighter fit between the tiles and therefore a better overall appearance of the floor. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and contact them directly if you need advice.

Ardex Americas has tested with Harvey Maria floors and recommends Henry 422 Fortify to ensure a high standard finish that is suitable for all Harvey Maria flooring collections. Henry 422 ensures a strong bond and reduced slippage of tiles during installation. It is a versatile product that is suitable for all Harvey Maria luxury vinyl tiles and planks in normal conditions. Search stockists in your region here.

Harvey Maria recommends smoothing compounds and subfloor preparation products from Ardex Americas.

Henry 422 Fortify product information.

Contact Ardex for advice and technical support for adhesives and subfloor preparation products.