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Recommended Cleaning Products

Harvey Maria floors are made from resilient materials which require relatively low maintenance. As with all floors, sensible precautions and regular cleaning will help ensure the high performance of the floor throughout its life.

All Harvey Maria floors have a Lifetime* residential product warranty (subject to conditions). A condition of the warranty is that you follow the recommended maintenance routine outlined below.


A good doormat (non rubber-backed) will help to capture grit and dirt and prevent it from being carried onto the floor. Doormats are advisable for all entry points to the outdoors.


Regularly sweep with a soft brush and sponge-mop with a pH neutral cleaner such as Cleanse solution in the FloorSpa Kit. Clean spillages as they occur to avoid staining.


Use the stronger Scrub solution in the kit to deep clean the floor after a period of wear (and after install to remove any dried-on glue residue).


Periodic application of the Protect emulsion polish from the FloorSpa kit adds lustre and protects from light scratching and staining while making the floor easier to clean.


In high footfall areas an LVT sealant adds extra protection from scuffing/ scratching and reduces the need for day to day cleaning, a good choice for commercial spaces and busier homes.


Avoid dragging furniture or sharp items across the floor. The furniture pads in the Kit can help to protect the floor from scratching from table legs etc. Protect the floor from larger items of furniture with load bearing castors.


Protect floors using window blinds to avoid discolouration and damage from strong sunlight and excessive heat - surface temperature must be kept between 45°F and 81°F at all times.


Prevent rubber products which contain antioxidants from coming in to prolonged contact with the floor, otherwise discoloration may occur.


Check the suitably of vacuum cleaners to prevent surface damage. Sharp edges of a damaged or unsuitable cleaner, or stuck foreign objects can cause scratching.


Always follow the cleaning and care advice for your floor. Unsuitable cleaning products can cause damage and create a slip-hazard!

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