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Fitting a Harvey Maria floor

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All Harvey Maria floors are suitable for laying in bathrooms, shower-rooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and laundry rooms.

And all are suitable for use with underfloor heating and durable enough for commercial use too.
For best results use a trained LVT fitter.


The sub-floor (the base onto which the flooring is to be laid) should be permanently dry, clean, rigid, free of flaws and flat.


Suitable sub-floors include well fitted plywood (from 1/4"-1/2", sufficient to provide a rigid base) and screeded (smoothed) concrete floors.


Flooring should always be stored flat and left in piles for at least 24 hours prior to fitting in order to acclimate to the conditions of the room.


The ambient room temperature, and the temperature of the flooring and adhesive, should be at least 64ºF (sub-floor temperature at least 59ºF).


Underfloor heating should be switched off for 48 hours before and after laying the floor, and gradually brought up to full operating temperature over a period of days.


ONLY LVT ADHESIVES should be used when fitting a Harvey Maria floor. In warmer areas and with underfloor heating ensure the adhesive is suitable for higher temperatures.


Agree the laying plan with the fitter. It's usually best to begin laying from the center of the room.


Tiles are cut using a sharp knife. Trained fitters will have time-saving tips techniques for cutting at the edge of the room and for tricky curves and corners.


The floor tile is bedded in to the adhesive by applying even pressure across the tile with a 100lb flooring roller or equivalent. Excess glue is wiped away before it is allowed to dry.


Regular sweeping and mopping will help protect the new floor and a good entrance mat used to trap dirt. A Harvey Maria FloorSpa kit should be used to protect and care for the floor from day one! See more

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