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Designer: Dee Hardwicke


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covers 12 sq. ft.

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Featuring a delicate design and beautifully neutral tone, Seedpod is a wonderful addition to our bestselling Lattice range. This durable and waterproof floor tile looks great paired with a wood border and alongside soft shades and furnishings. A brilliant choice of flooring for kitchens and other busy spaces in your home, the collection is designed by British artist Dee Hardwicke taking inspiration from scattered petals and botanical elements.

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Designer: Dee Hardwicke

Mixed-media artist Dee Hardwicke is endlessly inspired by the natural landscape, with each season bringing a fresh palette of colours, patterns, textures, and exciting new ideas.

Reasons to be Cheerful


Our floors are incredibly robust and are suitable for commercial use

Slip Resistant

Completely waterproof and slip resistant, so perfect for bathrooms

Easy to Clean

To keep your floor looking squeaky clean we recommend using our FloorSpa kit

Underfloor Heating

All Harvey Maria floors are suitable for use with underfloor heating. Please check our fitting guides


The tiles butt up tightly together and Harvey Maria adhesive creates a watertight bond


All of our tiles are supplied with a warranty. For more information, please check the details tab below.

Product SKU

Wear Layer
0.55 mm / 22 mil


Tile/Plank size
12 in x 12 in
floor dimensions

Carton Coverage
12 sq. ft.


Luxury vinyl tile (LVT)

Overall Thickness
2.5 mm / 0.1 inch

Pieces per carton

Matching What's this?

Domestic & Commercial

Fitting Method

technical informationTechnical Information


  • Matching patterns continue from tile to tile, although the exact position of the pattern within each tile will vary.
  • Random patterns can be laid in any direction and are not designed to match from tile to tile, although smaller patterns may appear to match across tiles.

Use our floor size calculator to work out how much you need.
Each carton contains 12 sq. ft.. Allow at least 5% for wastage.

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The unique nature of many Harvey Maria designs makes it essential to follow the recommended fitting & care advice. Prepare your subfloor (plywood/ screed) ensuring it's completely dry, smooth and clean. Work out the laying plan and acclimatise the flooring in the room for 24 hours prior to fitting. Maintain a constant temperature (60⁰F to 72⁰F) before, during and after fitting. Spread the adhesive on the subfloor according to instructions. Lay tiles following the directional arrows on the reverse of the tile and bed the tiles into the adhesive with a 50lb roller. Note that to achieve the unique hand-made appearance of the Lattice design, the pattern is not centralised within the tile, so ensure your fitter pays particular attention to Section 10 ‘Setting out’ explaining how the tiles should be turned to achieve the preferred appearance. At the edge of the room, cut the tiles using a sharp knife. Professional expert fitting will ensure best results. Always follow the full fitting instructions.

Choose from expedited shipping options at checkout including 1-2 day services to many areas.

Orders are dispatched by our logistics partner from their Tennessee warehouse within 1-2 business days, and most will be shipped by FedEx or palletized shipping service for larger orders of around 400 sq ft. or more.

Tracking and shipping details are sent by email once your order is dispatched. Please contact the shipper directly if you have any shipping questions after your order is dispatched.

Additional information about shipping options is available here – Please contact us if you require any other information prior to placing your order with us.

  • Are Harvey Maria floors suitable for bathrooms?

    Yes. By following the fitting instructions, your Harvey Maria floor is completely waterproof and slip resistant, so perfect for bathrooms. The tiles butt up tightly together and the adhesive creates a watertight bond. For inspiration, check out our Bathroom Flooring Ideas page.

  • Are they compatible with underfloor heating?

    All Harvey Maria floors are suitable for use with underfloor heating. For electric/ mesh systems check with the system manufacturer for suitability with vinyl tile flooring. The heating system should be bedded within an appropriate reinforced fibre smoothing compound/ screed applied to the subfloor (plywood or concrete) and finished with a second smoothing layer to a depth recommended by the manufacturer to insure appropriate insulation. For underfloor heating pipes within concrete, prime the surface and apply an appropriate smoothing compound to a minimum depth of 1/8 inch.

    Heating systems should be switched off for 48 hours before and after installation of the flooring, and then brought up gradually to full operating temperature over the following 7 days.

  • Are any rooms not suitable?

    All Harvey Maria floors are designed to be laid flat in an indoor domestic or commercial space. However, we’re often asked about alternative uses, so please feel free to contact us if you need any further advice. For instance, there are some restrictions in terms of excessive temperature to consider, so if your room gets extremely hot or very cold (e.g. a sun room), or if you’re planning to use in a ‘wet-room’, please contact us to discuss suitability.

  • Will the color match my sample or previous order?

    There can be some slight color variation from batch to batch. Your sample may be from a different batch to your order so check for color suitability prior to commencing fitting. Always quote your batch number if you are trying to match the floor to a previous order.

  • Are your designs available on a roll?

    Harvey Maria floor designs are produced as high specification luxury vinyl tile (LVT), a material that's too rigid to roll up. These tiles are more durable than traditional ‘lino’ and vinyl flooring on a roll. The tiles butt up together with no gaps, and the adhesive creates a watertight seal across the whole floor.

  • Do you offer free samples?

    We make a small charge for samples but shipping is free. We give you $10 of samples for free via redemption code. Terms apply.

  • How big are the samples?

    Sample chips are cut from larger tiles and measure approximately 6 inches x 6 inches. They are not whole tiles and should not be used on your floor.

Orders & Delivery
  • How do I calculate how many packs to order?

    Use our Room Size Calculator to calculate the size of your room and estimate the number of packs you’ll require. We recommend that you allow 5-10% for wastage. If you need any further advice, please feel free to contact us.

  • Have you got any places where I can see the tiles?

    Sorry, but in the USA our floors are currently only available to purchase online. Try using our floor visualiser to see how the designs look in different rooms and use our samples service to check color suitability.

  • When will I receive my order?

    Our standard delivery takes approximately 5 to 10 working days to mainland US addresses. Expedited shipping is also available to most locations. The tracking information will be sent to you on dispatch of your order. All orders are shipped from our shipping partner’s warehouse facility in Tennessee.

  • What if delivery of my order is delayed?

    We use reputable delivery companies but deliveries are never guaranteed to arrive on time.

    We suggest that you book your install date several days after the estimated delivery date of your order to allow for any possible delays. We do not provide compensation for any costs that you may incur due to the delayed arrival of your order. Remember that your floor will need to acclimate for a minimum of 48 hours prior to fitting.

  • Can I request an express delivery?

    Expedited shipping for samples and flooring orders can be selected at the checkout.

  • Can I collect the tiles from your warehouse?

    Sorry but collection isn’t possible. We use a third party distribution partner for all our orders and they do not offer a collection service.

Fitting & Care
  • How is Harvey Maria flooring fitted?

    Floors should be installed onto a smooth plywood subfloor or smoothed solid (concrete) subfloor and secured using the recommended LVT adhesive. Smoothing compounds are used to ensure a level, smooth subfloor surface on which to lay the tiles. Detailed instructions and videos are available on the Fitting page. Solid color floors and designs with white backgrounds are the most challenging to fit well, whereas more patterned floors will generally make for easier fitting. In all cases, the smoother and better-prepared the subfloor, the more satisfactory the final finish will be. A trained LVT flooring fitter will usually produce the best results.

  • Do you offer a fitting service?

    Sorry, but we only recently started selling our floors in the US and don’t yet have a fitting service available.

  • Is there a special adhesive?

    We have tested our floors with Henry 422 Fortify adhesive which is widely available in the USA. To learn more about HENRY adhesives, visit or call (800) 232-4832.
    Always use an adhesive design for use with LVT flooring. Choose ‘wet-set’ adhesives for best results. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • How do I care for my floor once it’s fitted?

    It’s important to follow the cleaning and care advice for your floor. This will keep the floor looking great and is a condition of the warranty. The Floor Care Kit will help keep the floor clean and protected from bacteria, including COVID-19. We also recommend regular sweeping and mopping, and if there’s access to an outside area, a good entrance mat will help trap dirt before it reaches your floor.

  • Do floor mats or rubber feet/stoppers stain the floor?

    Some rubber materials common to rubber matting products, contain compounds (known as antioxidants) designed to extend the life of the rubber and prevent brittleness. When coming in to contact with flexible vinyl and rubber floors, some of these antioxidants react chemically to produce a yellowish stain. This is referred to in the flooring industry as “antioxidant staining.” To avoid this problem, ensure that any rubber items coming in to contact with the floor for a prolonged period of time (e.g. rubber backed rugs, rubber mats, rubber feet/ stoppers) contain only ‘non-staining’ rubber.

  • Is my Harvey Maria floor scratch proof?

    The hard wearing top surface of Harvey Maria luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring has been tested and classed as scratch resistant by industry classification standards, but is not completely scratch proof. Sharp objects can scratch the floor so we suggest taking sensible precautions against damage from scratching.

    A good entrance mat will reduce grit, sand and stones being brought onto the floor on the soles of shoes. Furniture feet should be suitably protected on their base and office chairs should have soft wheels. Vacuum cleaners should have free rotating wheels and should not be damaged, have sharp edges or contain alien objects that may drag across the floor. Check suitability with the manufacturer and test on a product sample before use.

  • Can I use a steam cleaner on my Harvey Maria floor?

    We do not recommend the use of steam cleaners or steam mops on Harvey Maria flooring. Instead, the Floor Care Kit contains a range of products designed to clean & protect your tiles. Find out more on our Cleaning & Care page.

Warranty & Returns
  • Are Harvey Maria tiles guaranteed?

    All Harvey Maria floors are manufactured to a high quality commercial standard, and have a lifetime residential warranty of up to 35 years. Visit the warranty statement for full details.

  • Can I return unused packs of tiles?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to accept the return of fewer than four packs from your order. Please use our flooring calculator to estimate how many packs you are likely to need, and allow 5-10% for wastage. View our Returns policy for more information and note the importance of ordering a sample of your flooring prior to purchase.

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