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Luxury bathrooms to escape to with LVT flooring

Luxury bathrooms have been a hot trend this year as we look to give ourselves somewhere to escape to after a busy day; it’s being called the rise of the ‘spathroom’. One way of bringing effortless style to your bathroom is with luxury vinyl flooring; not only will it inject personality into the space but our tiles are waterproof, making them ideal for bathroom renovations and transformations. Here are some of our top choices of LVT flooring for your bathroom that will help to create that zen space to relax and unwind.

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15th Dec 23

light gray floral patterned lvt flooring in bathroom

Walbrook Peyton Blue

The recently launched Walbrook collection offers an original new design that celebrates the creative process and combines Victorian-inspired pattern with contemporary manufacturing. Peyton Blue is a beautiful choice for a bathroom floor; its fresh blue hue is not only characterful but practical, and contrasts perfectly with rustic wood accents and vintage accessories; what could be more stylish?

blue and white patterned lvt flooring in vintage bathroom

Northmore Sable Black

Monochrome flooring for a bathroom is super chic, and Northmore Sable Black is a really popular choice for this space. It’s dark pattern is versatile and stylish, whilst also being really practical for busy areas of the home. The elegant and soft hue complements a variety of interior schemes, and its aged patina brings something a little unique to any bathroom.

black and white heritage pattern lvt floor in bathroom

Squares Stove Black & Linen White

Checkerboard flooring has taken the interior world by storm recently; checkerboard chic is certainly not going anywhere. Adding a black and white checkered floor can immediately bring elegant and timeless style to your bathroom. Squares Stove Black & Squares Linen White is wonderfully practical with its monochrome finish, especially alongside vintage furnishings.

black and white checkerboard flooring in bathroom


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