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Utility Room Luxury Vinyl Flooring

We all deserve a bit of luxury, and this doesn’t have to stop when it comes to designing your new utility or boot room. Add a touch of elegance and luxe to your most practical and perhaps overlooked corners of the home with no need to compromise on individual style in your utility space. Patterened vinyl flooring can give the impression of space in a smaller room, whilst our MSeries collection of wood effect flooring brings a light and contemporary finish as well as being durable and easy to clean.

Why Harvey Maria LVT flooring is perfect for your utility room

An often overlooked space in the home, your utility or boot room can still be stylish and elegant whilst also being practical and well-used.

At Harvey Maria, we design and create highly durable flooring that is easy to clean and maintain, whilst also adding a luxury finish to your utility space. Choose from a bold pattern or a simple wood-effect for that touch of opulance.


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Inspiration & advice for your utility room floor

dark charcoal parquet patterned lvt floor in bathroom

Is LVT flooring waterproof?

There are many benefits to using LVT in your home, and one of those is the fact that vinyl flooring is waterproof. Ideal therefore for use in bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms, luxury vinyl flooring is a great option if you’re looking for a low maintenance and waterproof floor that will also look stylish in your space.

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encaustic pattern utility room flooring

Elevate your utility space

From eye-catching encaustic designs to patterned styles; learn how to elevate your utility or pantry space and make it the perfect room for you.

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eco friendly utility room flooring

How eco friendly is LVT flooring?

In this guide, we’ll delve deeper into how eco-friendly LVT flooring is, and how having a luxury vinyl floor can be a step towards making more environmentally conscious choices in your next home project.

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